Lady Gaga certainly is rude – Poker face indeed?

After some frustration experienced in getting others to believe me, despite endless comment on the subject on the web – including lyrics, I decided to slice up the bits that make this rather tedious little word play somewhat more obvious. In the Lady Gaga song ‘Poker Face’ the darling little witch clearly says ‘Fuck her face’ at the end of the P-p-p-p-poker face section. Now, I’m as game as the next man for a bit of fun, but this kind of shameless under-the-door perversion has only been bettered (worsened?) by Katy Perry on her hit ‘I kissed a girl’ with the line ‘I kissed a girl, and I like tit’.

If you watch my little video (and open your bloody ears and listen for the first time ever in your rotten little life – no offence) you will note that first time around – it’s Poker face whereas the second time, she totally loses it – the rascal – and it’s Fuck her face…

This video also makes is a bit clearer:

And this one…

For God’s sake, if you don’t believe me now – you are crazy – innit?

I’ve had so many comments on this and so many views, I thought I’d write another article about this article.

The good old days before she swore and when her nose looked different with the light and make up and that


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87 responses to “Lady Gaga certainly is rude – Poker face indeed?

  1. Fuck yew. Lady GaGa is the best. Yur just jealous (:

  2. sara

    her music is good but she’s just plain UGLY!
    as for “fuck her face” or whatever I think it’s funny! stop taking things seriously!

    just like in “if you seek amy” by Britney Spears.
    Love her songs and music and get over yourself!

  3. I might have been a little hasty in judging her and apologise for any offense caused…


  4. Andrea

    Esa foto esta toqueteada, es MENTIRAAA, son unos envidiosos, Lady Gaga es la mejor, I LOVE HER

  5. Timmy

    “I kissed a girl, I like TIT”!!!!

    LOL f*cking hysterical

  6. Katy

    I reckon she does say it
    I think it adds to the feel of the song non?
    I mean all her songs are just innuendos anyway
    She’s amazing ❤

  7. Jamie

    Look, I’m sorry that you have nothing better to do than to find ways to ruin Lady Gaga’s reputation. She very CLEARLY say “POKER FACE!!!” Use your ears, and listen. Stop letting jealousy taking over your senses and wake up. Because, this article is just ridiculous.

    • Dear Jamie,

      Please could you describe to me in what way Lady Gaga’s reputation could be damaged by remarking on the clear fact that the plosive ‘p’ has been intentionally (and arguably amusingly) obfuscated by the fricative ‘f’ in this song? The UK radio edit missed this section out specifically because of the obscenity. OK, so I had a bit of fun with the article but really, do you actually see this matter as something to be jealous about – for anyone? If you do, then please accept my full apology and pass on my regret to ms. Gaga regarding any besmirchment that she may have suffered.



    • ur the fucken ridiclous 1

  8. I don’t mind her songs or even her videos, it’s just the fact that she has more number one singles than the Beatles that hurts. I feel like we should be better than that…

  9. coal cash

    lol lady? or hermaphrodite? gaga , is an abomination and you people that like her are deceived in to weening on satans dick the chick/dude basically reps baphomet the goat head with male and female parts, she reps Illuminati and is under demonic control and that’s not speculation its observation just look at the things she reps and its plain to see a head less mannequin with a lighting bolt in it (under control) she took a photo shot in a masonic temple with eyes painted on her eye lids (under control) on the vma her back up dancers had the all seeing eye on their backs (under control) so all you guys that want a piece of that enjoy the cock juice i hope you gag on it

    oh ya i hope some one decapitates that bitch/bastard with a crescent blade then stuffs her/his head with garlic

    death to snakes and the fools stupid enough to worship them

    oh and its fuck her face she reps wickedness don’t get it twisted and if you don’t agree your blind baby ya blind to the facts

    • iana

      Okay wow she’s not a man/hermaphodite. She’s clearly stated many times her name is stephanie and there are even pictures of her when she was younger. SHE had been a GIRL all her life. Peple like you are just jealous fucks. You only wish you had the money and the fame she does. She makes great music that most poeple i know love. So if you hate her over a rumor then thats screwed up. Btw saying you wanna decapitate her..thats a threat my friend ;] so watch what you say.

      Kl? Thanks fuck face now have a nice day :]

    • Thomas P.

      Dude, are you freakin high, shes a woman, like most people she grew up with a vagina. She does not rep illuminati, thats some made up bull*** shat some bored seventh graders came up with after watching the Da Vinci code, there is no freakin illuminati, she is a woman, she is not demonic shes a bit strange, yes, but she is still a pretty normal person otherwise. Her songs may have sexual innuendo but so do, Britney Spears, Pink, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Bubba Sparxxx, Nelly, Madonna, Adam Lambert, Cher and about a million other artists. Obviously you have no life and need to take medication, (eyes on the back of their head, are you mad?) and snake worshipping has nothing to do with pop culture bubble gum pop. So hop off. There is really no need to get stupid and violent on a freakin comment page it never got that serious. and saying F*** her face is probably what Kid Cudi was thinking when he made the song “Made Her Say” so no one really cares all that deeply on the subject.

      • Amanda

        Thomas…Thank you!!!!! its nice to know one person on here isnt a complete dumb ass with no life

    • c

      hell yeah ! tell it brother!

    • Steph

      She is not nor has she ever been a man. and so u know, hermaphrodite would mean that she has both sets of functional sex organs….if ur trying to say she was a man at one point then 1) use the right term (transsexual) and 2) you are a dumb ass.

      and if Lady Gaga was transsexual then how would that affect ur life? would it in any way cause harm to you? No it would not, so why does it matter. its closed minded ppl like u that give Americans a bad name. so know that ur a disgrace to ppl. and rmb that when u celebrate the forth. :O)

      • seldom farts

        Word sister…. by definition- 60 % of all comments on this page are misinformed blurts of frustrated wannabe famous haters. I could care less about Gaga’s sexual organs or her sexual preference…. get off ur high horse and shut up—- for a minute or two… just shut up

  10. RBN

    First: The person that wrote the article – you made the effort to actually repeat the “shameless under-the-door perversion” that you imply offends you. So the point of your criticism has no validity.

    Second: Katy Perry sings “I like tit” – really… You clearly hear the things you want to hear. It says a lot about your own personal fantasies. You sound like politicians that make a point to rebuke homosexuality in an attempt to hide their own “alternative lifestyle”. Show me a guy that says he doesn’t like bi-women, and I’ll show you a liar! And I’ve met only a few women that that claim they aren’t bi-curious – most freely admit it after a couple drinks. ;o)

    Third: As much time as you’ve apparently spent dissecting Lady Gaga, it kind of seems like you might actually have a little crush!


  12. Alison

    Wow Brenda, if you feel like that, why are you reading stories about her?

  13. myers1016

    Wow, you people are all rediculous! It is all of you stupid people that make celebrities who they are! Stuck up people who think they are better than everyone else because they came up with a dumb ass song! I have been to many local concerts with bands that have made up many better lyrics and can sing waaaaay better than any of these morons you people admire! Get a damn clue! They all feed off of your obsessions! And all you are doing by admiring these bottom of the barrel people is making them rich and you stay poor. Figure it out already!

  14. what da fuck man ladygaga is always disgusting that wats good about her its romance

  15. dfghjk

    This is fake…

  16. marylyn

    lol, great now i hear it too. it does sound like it but it doesnt make me like it less, still love it.

  17. She comes across as a Madonna wannabe to me. And Myers, you are correct, there so many amazing musicians out there who are absolutely phenomenal, and don’t get the recognition because they are not eccentric enough or have “the look”. The music industry has gone way down hill and has lost a lot of credibility with me. Most people now are label-made or had the money to get where they want. Auto-tune is overly used, and most of the so called artists today cannot really sing or play as well as the studio makes them out to be. Taylor Swift is a prime example is one of those people. Hearing her live was like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

  18. Lucy

    Dear Tabby,
    may i please suggest that you enrol yourself in an English course, as your spelling is absolutely horrendous. Your grammer however, isn’t bad.
    Oh and to everyone else go out, get a life, get laid, just do something that could possibly give some meaning to your life; Opposed to sitting at a computer all day commenting on a “celebrity” who does not know who you are and probably doesn’t give a damn what you say. However in relation to any responses to this comment you cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give so please, do not bother.

    Have a nice day 🙂


    • Funny how whenever anywun mentions spelling, they immediately spell something wrong. Grammer, for instance, is actually spelt grammar – but you knew that already 🙂

      This however: ‘you cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give’ is priceless and one I will use myself in future.

  19. Pingback: Most p-p-p-popular post « It won't get better if you don't pick it

    • Ahh yes, but do you say iony like an American or i-rony like the English. It’s ironic that it’s that way round as it is exactly opposite to our respective pronunciations of iron. Ooh, the irony.

  20. I mostly say it like the English. Haha I guess I should since that is the majority of my blood line. 🙂

  21. sarah

    I would just like to say something, I know there are alot of people who don’t like lady gaga, either because of her lyrics or multiple other reasons, in fact, I hate her. I don’t like any of her songs and I think maybe she tries to hard to produce shock factor. However, we do live in America, and Lady Gaga (great name by the way) has the right to say whatever she wants to say as well as the freedom of press which includes songs. Maybe she does say those things, maybe she doesn’t, but the only concern to me, is she cussed so deliberately and constantly that you wouldn’t want children listening to it? If there is no cussing, and all the sexual suggestions are under a ten year olds radar, then I have no problem with her.
    Finally, I would like to say, if you don’t like Lady Gaga, like me, or hate her songs or what she does, etc. Instead of complaining about it, (here’s a thought) change the channel. Every time I hear one of her horrible little songs, I change the channel. This way, people don’t have to listen to you complain, and people who do like her can listen to her music without someone else pointing out how immoral and wrong her lyrics are, when really, no one is perfect. People just need to relax a little and let other people make their own decisions on what they will and will not listen to.

    • mn

      you make a good point about keeping these types of songs away from kids (if there is deliberate cussing and if the sexual metaphors fly way over their head. speaking of sexual inuendo, i think the same should be done with those twilight novels, have you looked into one?–not that i read them, i work with fanatic sixth graders and i’m a little worried they’re into those books.) and yeah, if people don’t like it, they should change the channel.

      however, i don’t think this post was necessarily to complain. I think it was to point out that she was dlieberately cussing and that’s all. what happens is, people don’t read what was said and make assumptions and/or infer and take offense. (hence the cussing and rage-commenting 🙂

  22. emily

    that’s not even lady gaga in the before picture.

  23. Robyn

    I can hear the “fuck her face” in Lady Gaga’s song but what do you expect from miss “disco stick” girl. But what I think you are dreaming about is the ” I like tit” in I kissed a girl. That one is a bit far fetched you should have pointed out Britney Spears and If You Seek Amy(F.U.C.K. Me” that fits the bill…

  24. Hannah

    1. In I Kissed a Girl, its “And I liked it” no tits involved.
    2. Someone seems a little jealous of gaga…

    • 1. It’s a tonue in cheek article – this appears to have escaped many people – although the basic premise for writing it was to correct someone I’d been speaking to who really couldn’t hear the obvious spiced-up line in Poker Face. Whilst we’re on the subject of Katy Perry – anyone know who Terry Chopstick is?

      2. Many people are jealous of her I’m sure, but not me, or at least not in any measurable way. I would hope the our good Lady herself would recognise a bit of fun when she sees it…

      Keep on rocking,


  25. Anonymous

    Hey this is very stupid! You can’t just be mean to people! I don’t think so! I listen to I kissed a girl and pokerface everyday, and I have never heard that! The pokerface one was a lie, and the reason you heard that in i kissed a girl is because you have bad hearing!!!!!!

  26. Paul

    She clearly sings “poke her face” and nothing else.

    • You are either being controversial, deaf, stupid, or all three. Not that it needed ‘admitting’, as it is so obvious, but Gaga herself does so here just to clear it up for the hard of hearing:

  27. You are evil lady gaga is very beutifull. She is the best singer in the world.

  28. Mn

    Dear Dan,
    despite all the hate-comments you are receiving, i find that
    a) your article is amusing
    b) people arguing FOR lady gaga are amusing. I wonder if she would take the time to defend any one of them in return, so ardently. How can a person side so zealously for a complete stranger? Just because you listen to her music and/or go to her every concert does not make you bff’s with Gaga (just FYI). I completely understand if it were her music people were arguing for, you know, when they’re explaining why it’s not shit, but i digress.


    c) I find that the most of the comments are of people who fall in love with this vulgar notion of a diva “making a statement”

    I also find that, people don’t know how to argue, instead they divulge to cursing and calling names. how mature.

    Anyway, i believe you; clearly she states “fuck her face”. as was noted by one of the youtube viewers of the live concert video, she states it at 1 min. and 18 sec.

    In regards to the picture you have up being photoshopped, maybe, maybe not (i just don’t believe anything i see off the internet anymore– and it pays off!). but, maybe videos can confirm that other controversial issue as well.

    L. O. L.

    • Miss Tizo

      So you mock those arguing for Lady GaGa because she’s a “complete stranger,” yet, here you are, another stranger to her, and you are arguing AGAINST her. That is a complete double standard.

      • mn

        i’m not arguing AGAINST her, i’m making the point that people side with a complete stranger. and would she do it for them? did you read my post? the whole thing?

    • Amanda

      shes prolly only vulgar to u, bc you know that shes just another woman who wouldnt give u any…and that would be why u have all this time to talk her down bc instead of having a life…u spend ur time involved with dumb gossip. and gossip is not a turn on…so why dont u go out and grow a pair, stop being a prissy bitch, and then maybe ull find someone to suck ur pathetic excuse for a penis

      • mn

        LOL @ amanda, who thinks i’m a man who’s angry at women for not giving me any. AND for ignoring my poin AND for going straight to the insults. LOL.
        ps, you’ve completely missed my point. educate yourself and learn how to argue. the right way instead of like a fifteen year old rebelling against your parents.

      • mn

        and here you are, getting on my back about spending my time on the internet commenting (not arguing or gossiping) on a lady gaga string, when you yourself are using the internet to tell me i have no life. should we start a club, Amanda? 😀

      • Cj

        yeah amanda. get a life.

  29. AmyDoll

    When asked what Poker Face means, she states that it is about how she dreams about making love to women while she is f*cking her boyfriend… So when you know this fact, the realization of her saying “F F F*ck her face” in the song isn’t that outrageous, it actually makes sense.

    • mn

      is that why it needs to be explained? just asking.

      • Devin

        I dont think that she is saying fuck her face…if the metephor is already out there…then whats the point of going that far. and mn, she does side with strangers a lot. A while back in a bar some guy was harassing her and was like “you have a dick”, “ur and ugly bitch”, etc. all night…and she didnt do anything until he said that she was probably a faggot…and she stood up splashed her drink on him…and said “I dont care what you say about me. but do not disrespect the homosexual community to my face” so i think she would do the same, and she has

      • mn

        interesting factoid devin. but i interpret that as she’s standing up for a belief she has. and you’re right, why would she need to say Fuck her face if it’s out there. but in the video, she says it, or at least i hear the difference. Honestly, i do cringe at that fact, because it’s hard to take that “skank” image off women who speak like that. But more power to her if she’s turning men’s opinions around about women…?

  30. Savannah

    Ok, i have a lot to say,

    Even if Lady Gaga does say “Fuck her face” its kinda stupid of you to take offense to it. maybe its what she likes and why do you even care? It has no effect on you if she says it and, its lady gaga do you expect flowers and lullabies?

    And Katy Perry does NOT say “I kissed a girl, and I like tit” she says “I kissed a girl, and i likED it”

    Maybe YOU should listen for once. Geeezzz

  31. Joe

    Lady Gaga is not an original or even a unique performer. Just in the same way Andy Warhol, David Bowie, heck even Marilyn Manson, and all the others before them who took the ‘norms’ of society and did the opposite. Though it is a major disappointment how she seems to capitalize on this idea of her originality and excessive parading about, without paying actual dues to the fact she is not unique in her stance.

    The fans of Lady Gaga do no more but to promote this idea that if she wears some horrendous outfit, then by golly she is so trendsetting and does not care about what others think of her. While we all can guess she does in fact care quite a ton about her appearances, lest she not appear zany enough for all the eyes that are on her. What would be more shocking is for her to be dressed in ‘normal’ attire for once. Sadly she is not locked into her image and is already paying a price for it. Her career will continue to flourish, but if she were to change her image at this point in the game it could easily by the end of her in a second. Yet by now being locked into this image, people will eventually tire of her image, her shenanigans, and almost pointless ramblings.

  32. I used 2 like her until she became 2 much of a diva, beet Shakira & I realized she was a freemason. Ever wondered what it was with her 1 eyed actions, well if U look at the eye of saten on the pyramid, U’ll relize! A mason is a devil worshiper! Lol. Plz reply. And plz don’t say anything bad to me. I’ll respect all of your coments, but I could be a little upset. I am ony 11!

  33. Devin

    I think that u have no idea what ur talking about. the whole song is about how when she would have sex with her exbf and she would imagine that it was with a girl. so her poker face is about masking that, its a metaphorical poker face.

  34. Devin

    oh and btw shes not a free mason. shes a jewish italian, so if shes anything shes a member of the illuminati

    • mn

      was it the nose that gave it away? jk. jk. i hear a lot of jokes about “jew noses” and i had to make it again. 😀 in poor taste of course, seeing as how this is a serious string of comments.

  35. Ladie

    Yer fuckin’ nutz.
    Seriously, why not just enjoy or completely ignore peoples work. Why keep bashing? It doesn’t make you better.

  36. Chrissy

    I suggest you check your sources number one and number two don’t assume everyone out there doesn’t listen. If you’d get your mind out of the gutter you wouldn’t THINK she said that. Btw: the picture is inaccurate too. Have a nice day

  37. Anthony

    Dude! I have been trying to tell everyone that ever since I first heard that song.

    I was all “Did the radio just say fuck her face?”

  38. Lady Gaga is the best female popstar, forget about Britney Spears. britney does not even come close to gaga .*.

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