He doesn’t work in a chippy – but he’s still alive

I found this rare footage of the King (Elvis, not Juan Carlos of Spain-land) living and working in somewhere foreign. It was in amongst my tapes of Big Foot and the Hendersons. That is to say, tapes of Big Foot (proof of his existence, in fact that I just need to transfer it to DVD before sending off to ‘You’ve Been Framed’ and becoming a milyunair) and some home recordings (hidden cam actually) of my old neighbours, the Hendersons.

It’s exciting, if a little shocking, to find him alive and yet sad to see how he’s aged. A strange twist to this story is that although he does not work in a chip shop, he is doing some part time work as a chippy (carpenter for all you foreign types), which is an odd word-based coincidence considering the early rumours put about put about by ex-sailor Kirsty Maccoll. Also nice to see him following in his Dad’s footsteps although moving the business from Galilee was a brave move in these times, it has to be said.

Hes got some neck! He couldnt play one guitar let alone two!

He's got some neck! He couldn't play one guitar let alone two!

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