Sean Bean seen born

Born-again midwife Sheena Lean, famous for overseeing Sean Bean (famous as ‘Horace Clark’ in one episode of ‘The Bill’ in 1984 and his uncredited bit-part performance as Boromir in Lord of the Rings) being born, recently commented in a follow up article in Scene magazine that she had not seen Sean since he had been born. When questioned further she denied the claims of the original article seen by many in Scene magazine (that she herself had seen) saying that ‘whilst Ms. Lean had seemingly been seen overseeing Sean Bean being born, serious problems has been bourne out of her being seen leaving the scene to see a Doctor she had been seeing – leaving a junior midwife in charge until right before the actual delivery’. She later remarked that ‘…after being born again, it seems that getting seen in print in Scene in a story regarding being seen as the leader of the team tasked with overseeing the remarkable human being Sean Bean being born has been like a dream come true.’ A spokesperson for Mr. Bean stated that his client felt ‘this whole Sean Bean being born thing has been seen before’.

Sean Bean - morally obliged to see his own son being born

Sean Bean - morally obliged to see his own son being born

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