Most p-p-p-popular post

So; it’s seems weird to me that about 4,500 people a day are currently checking in to read this nonsense I wrote about Lady Gaga. Two and a half things strike me about this: 1. Many people don’t seem to be able to comprehend that the post was meant to be a fun way of getting over a point – and b. People are certainly divided about that thing we know as Lady Gaga – she certainly has the Marmite factor – and 5. What a lot of vapid little pricks (no offense) there are on this planet.

I feel like I should take advantage of this post’s popularity by putting something I’d really like people to see right in the middle of it – but that would be somewhat underhanded and in any case, doesn’t allow adverts 🙂

Lady Gaga before and after her latest rakeover (leaf-based joke)

It reminds me a little of the regular search term that came up in the stats on an old blog of mine for ‘Marge Simpson nude pictures’ – hey, there’s no accounting for taste, or lack thereof.

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