The Gay Musician

Something that’s annoyed me over the years is that bloody ‘Music Man’ song – you know the one where he can play ‘pia pia piano’? Back in my school days we used to sing this but it was called ‘The Gay Musician’. The melody was much the same though it was more flowing and the natural rhythm of the words made the timing more interesting. I did a little google search on this and was surprised to only find one article on the subject (and that’s French). I was singing this back in the early eighties so I’m suprised that it has simply disappeared in just thirty years.

Liberace - never far away from a well polished organ

‘Gay’ is of course a word that has changed its meaning over the years – orginally meaning jolly, then homosexual and most recently, rubbish. So we’ve gone from ‘Jolly Musician’ (fair enough) to ‘Homosexual Musician’ (not exactly a revelation) to ‘Rubbish Musician’ (hard to believe when you consider the song’s multi-instrumentalist claims).

Music Man it is then.

Elton comes from as far away as possible

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One response to “The Gay Musician

  1. caitlin

    Uh-oh. Here we go..! Sit back and watch a plethora of people miss the point on this one. Perhaps it won’t be quite as interesting as reading some of the mentalistic rantings from the Lady Gar Gar ( as we know her in the west country) brigade, but this is bound to stir up trouble, if only for the fact it’s mentioning the word ‘gay’ and Banjo-boy, people are bound to misunderstand you.

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