This week’s thoughts

Some things I’ve thought about this week:

Headline: ‘Poor elderly people are twice as likely to die as the richest’ Surely we are all *guaranteed* to die?

Based on the above, does that fact that poor old people are more likely to die than rich ones make robbing banks later in life justifiable? Being rich appears to be a sort of life support machine.

Have you seen the new Katy Perry video – do you really want this polluting your mind – let alone your children? <>

Keith Chegwin is in trouble for stealing other comedians’ jokes. Luckily, I don’t think I’ve been affected yet – but I’m watching him

Oh my God, what is the world coming to when this sort of person makes the headlines?

if you get a chance, please listen to my song on the Glory Hole podcast next Monday night 26/07/10

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