The Way I Go – an original song by me

A song of my own written a couple of years ago. Recorded on 18/03/2011 (my Birthday) at Track Writers in Bristol featuring the fantastic guitar of Kit Morgan.


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3 responses to “The Way I Go – an original song by me

  1. This is getting freaky. It’s getting like all the banjo players I meet on youtube are from England. Stupid of me to assume you were in the US.

    I have a blog too, and have exhausted the political, and am shifting to my banjo stuff and short stories, and dirt bikes.

    I will be posting some clawhammer stuff I have in the near future. Glad I found your blog too!

  2. Dan. I just caught this. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner.

    You are more American than I am!

    Great song. Wonderful!

    I’m on a whole David Eugene Edwards Religious Jag now, and trying to Post accompaniments (spelling) with 3 finger style.

    And always hatching up the old Politics too it seems.

    Don’t we all?

    And I will have more clawhammer too, dredged up from the back of my brain or mind or whatever.

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