Samsung Galaxy S III wireless problems

UPDATE (07/08/2012): I can confirm that I no longer have any problems whatsoever. Software update must have fixed this.

UPDATE (28/07/2012): A software update that I received today seems to have resolved this issue. My phone now claims to be Android 4.0.4, Kernel version 3.0.15-671647 etc.

I’ve recently upgraded from an HTC Desire to the soopa-doopa Galaxy S III and whilst it is amazing the wireless is bloody useless. It seems to connect fine but after a very short while it loses the ability to transfer data. Endlessly disconnecting and reconnecting will get you some joy but it’s a real pain and may stop working after just a few minutes of browsing. I have been able to watch an entire hour-long episode on it which leads me to believe it’s an issue that occurs when data is not being transferred.

Samsung Galaxy S III

I’ve tried turning power saving off both when the phone is asleep (this is from the advanced part of the wireless menu) and using the service mode (*#0011#) as per here:

And this:

It looks as though a combination of the above has made a difference, but it’s hard to tell.

The power save mode thing may be a red herring. Worth noting that it goes back to ‘on’ when the phone is restarted.

In short, I’m pretty pissed off. It’s an amazing device but I really want to use wireless most of the time and at the moment I can’t rely on it.

Any ideas or comments….?


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4 responses to “Samsung Galaxy S III wireless problems

  1. Pat

    Just got mine yesterday, I cant stay connected to wifi either. Its so annoying I cant even begin to explain.

    • Have you tried the app I linked above. It did seem to help me. I can’t be sure as a software update also came in around the same time. Mine is pretty stable now. At least, it’s as good as my HTC desire was. Good luck.

  2. I’m in almost the same boat. I had a Desire, I now have a HTC One X, and while it doesn’t lose the wireless all the time, it does tend to be in 3G/H/E etc when turning the screen back on. All settings are set so that wireless never turns off too. Maybe an Android 4.0 issue?

  3. My Samsung cannot hold a battery charge. Full charge this morning and by mid afternoon (with not much talk time today) almost down to nothing. Bought a new battery yesterday and close my apps when not using. Battery is a real pain!

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