Snow bloody joke

Before you moaners start asking why the UK can’t cope with a bit of snow ask yourself if you want our infrastructure to cost many times more to mitigate for something that happens very rarely and even then only for a few days. This isn’t Northern Canada for God’s sake. Ask yourself why you haven’t got your whole family snow shoes and tyre chains or why you don’t have your own grit store on your mile-long drive or a snow shovel or clothing suitable for Siberian temperatures or a quad to hand so you can nip to Asda. Whilst we’re thinking about it, (or at least in the case of many people) why you haven’t got naturally pigmented skin that can cope with the Saharan sun beating down on your neck all day to stop you moaning when it gets a bit sunny in a few months time? I for one do not want my taxes to pay for fleets of £100,000 snow lorries that we don’t need every year. Yes it’s annoying but just grin and bear it for a day or two and then it will be raining again and I just know you’ve got a rain coat.

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