Stoptober – a thought

Well done to all you Stoptober guys. Remember, giving up smoking is not so hard, but you have to choose to give it up. ‘Hoping’ to do something ain’t gonna work.
Nibbles and dips anyone?

Nibbles and dips anyone?

It’s kind of obvious really, imagine someone who doesn’t want to smoke, now imagine how hard it would be to persuade them to inhale every bit of the smoke from a burning tube of paper stuffed full of dried leaves, then persuade them to do that another 19 times… throughout the day. Now, persuade them to give you about £8.50 for twenty of said tubes EVERY DAY – oh, and imagine selling the benefits of smelling bad, having yellow thumb and first finger, going to the shops at stupid o’clock and having their mind consumed with thoughts about when they can fit their next one in or which member of family, child, parent to hide it from and how. I bet you can’t make them – IF they don’t want to.

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