So I’ve decided to do the ‘Dryathlon’. It’s a month off the booze with a side order of fundraising for cancer. I’m still uncertain of how I feel about Cancer Research UK – or at least the animal testing aspect. As a vegetarian and keen ‘don’t hurt animals if you can help’ it kind of person this has always bothered me. You can see a response from the Cancer UK gang here:


As they say, it’s a legal requirement to test drugs on animals in the UK so I guess they don’t really get a choice about doing at least some animal testing. However, that doesn’t mean everything they do is as necessary or as cruelty-free as it might be. Certainly Animal Aid doesn’t think it is:


It’s tricky, we all know at least one person recovering from / suffering with / dying from / dead after cancer and that has to be among the most emotive factors when it comes to forming an opinion on something like this. I’m just not sure how I feel so I’ll try not to think about it for now. I’m certainly not going to tell anyone it’s wrong as I don’t know enough about it.

There’s another issue too, for me at least. That’s one of drinking. I love a drink and enjoy the break from my normal thoughts / consciousness that drinking (getting drunk) affords me. It’s not without a cost though; it hurts your body, your pocket, your relationships, influences your children’s behaviour, affects your choices and so on. With that in mind I’ve been loosely entering data into the NHS Alcohol Tracker for the last month or so:


Certainly the NHS is not that confident of my chances of avoiding various horrible conditions at this rate, so I probably ought to take it easy…

Post-Christmas results

So I figured I’d combine two personally tricky things and raise money for cancer research whilst not drinking. Who knows, a month off may give me the clarity of mind I need to decide whether what I’m doing is right for me. I’m 15st 11lb today so I’m hoping to shift a bit of that extra cargo too. I’d really like to be under 14st again. I think I’ll need more than a month for that little goal. Please take a look and consider donating here: http://www.justgiving.com/pickled-bristols

Radio 4 ran a nice item yesterday on the effects of abstinence for a month or so and the results were impressive. Reduction of ~15% of fat on the liver etc. and that’s the shizzle that’ll get ya.


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