Harcombe diet progress

So I’m three days into phase 1 of the Harcombe diet. This stage is basically a carb-free-five-day-athon. It’s ok, just rather boring – I don’t feel hungry but I do crave the things I can’t have. I’m vegetarian so can’t just eat steak all week and vegetarian meat is off the menu too so I’m buggered. I’ve eaten quite a few eggs, despite not actually liking eggs that much. How have I felt? Well, I’ve had a low-level headache for about three days now – probably some caffeine / sugar withdrawal or something like that. It’s nothing major. The craving for something a bit sweet tasting is fairly high though; you can’t even have fruit for the first five days! You can see that I’ve lost a few pounds over the last few days if you peer at my personal record. The loss prior to starting phase 1 is probably due to me sort of half-heartedly starting a few days before, but there were too many slips up to really claim I’d started properly. I’ve only got tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday to continue with this, and then at least I think I can have some skimmed milk in my tea and will be able to look at a custard cream again, if not actually allowed to consume it. More than anything, (I don’t care about the caffeine) I do miss my cup of tea!

Gratuitous inch-pinching image

Gratuitous inch-pinching image

As for my Dryathlon, well, that seems quite easy compared with cooking for my family this weekend and then not being able to eat any of it!

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