I’m worried that people are considering voting for UKIP

I’m worried that people are considering voting for UKIP. I wonder what they imagine are the main causes of problems in our society and what UKIP are capable of doing about them? There are a lot of good things going on in this country and the world. But there are also some very bad things. I’m sad about things such as power hungry politicians, greedy bankers, amoral newspaper editors, child abusers – both those that exist close to us and those that have been piped into our living room for years, all the while being known as the horrible manipulators they are by the very people and organisations that taught us to trust them. I feel sickened that I’ve paid for a licence to view all manner of subnormal human filth. I’ve had enough of people failing their duty of care to their children so comprehensively, every day in every way and leaving it up to over-worked teachers to be their last chance at normality before social services have to take over. I’m sick of shiny magazines telling me that I should be dissatisfied with every aspect of my life and being, and that they can sell me some of their brand of happiness via a nice little subscription. We’ve got newspapers that will take some ludicrous moral high ground in one article, and then juxtapose the article with Mandy from Essex with her tits out grinning at me on the opposite page. I can’t believe anyone likes those God-awful reality programs. All the time they are on they are informing our morals, our standards – Just because people will turn their head to look at a car crash doesn’t mean they want a car to crash yet that’s what the programme schedulers’ tell us in their defence of their abysmal, vapid output. I don’t want any more mindless TV so I don’t watch it any more and I don’t pay a licence. Those damned grinning freaks that told everyone to sell their houses or buy someone else’s so they could rent it to me and you for an inflated price? Does anyone really like the fact that even a doctor can’t afford a first time buyer house now? Now, there are many more problems in this country and of course in the wider world. We’ve got homeless people, addicts, old people dying alone at home. We’ve got prisons overcrowded and our most important services seriously under-funded and yet their staff expected to operate at an ever higher level of faultless precision, or face prosecution for trying to do the job they dedicate their lives to and used to love. We’ve got animals being abused, both domestically and commercially and our biggest supermarkets selling us horse meat is deemed a bigger problem than what the hell we’re doing shipping produce from God knows where to create unrealistically low prices. We have badgers being killed to ensure political advantage (those Tory voters don’t tend to like badgers and Cameron knows that) and much, much more. One thing I don’t see is that many of these problems are caused by immigration and yet so many people seem happy to leap on a party where their main agenda is just that. Take a look in Farage’s eyes. Would he like you? Would he respect you? Are you the kind of person he’s trying to support. Are you or your family like him? I very much doubt it. Don’t get me wrong. Cameron wouldn’t relate to you much better. Poor old Milliband seems to have had his question answering ability castrated by some unknown political genital mutilator and Clegg… Well, what can you say other than ‘oh dear’? Personally my guess is that Clegg is probably decent enough. Milliband too, if a little wet. My worry is that neither seems completely capable of winning even if they could handle the business of government itself. One thing I do believe is that building a party on hatred of some arbitrary group will not produce positive results. Parties will always need to consider immigration and criminals and bad parents or dodgy priests but you can’t have a party who’s raison d’être is to fight a single group, no matter what the group is.

In summary: crimes are committed, of one sort or another. The ones that do the most damage are the ones that betray trust and faith. This is not solely because they hurt and disappoint more, but because they draw their power from the misplaced and subsequently abused trust. They are only able to penetrate so deeply into our lives and our families and our hearts because we trust them. It’s a massively painful irony not lost on anyone that has believed in something or someone and then been used. Very few place faith in immigrants, and as such they represent very, very little risk to us or our country. Should you be worried if some foreigners move in next door? No, because you probably don’t trust them and you are therefore unlikely to empower them. Should you be worried if someone moves in that you’ve been conditioned to trust? Someone from whom you have been educated to expect a duty of care or at the very least, proper conduct? Yes, or at least yes, if you empower them without constant monitoring of how their actions meet with your expectations.

Vote for the success of the party or leader you like, but not for the demise of the group you dislike.

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