Russian Speakers–thanks freecycle

I like picking up old speakers on freecycle. I’ve had some lovely examples of Kef, Heathkit, Celestion etc. over the years.

Yesterday I grabbed a pair that were advertised as ‘unbranded but made in Russia’. Actually they are branded and would appear to be made by MПИ – I can only find one reference to this company, at the bottom of this article:

I can see some pairs have sold on ebay for next to nothing, often claiming to be made by MON – this is just a misreading of the Cyrillic characters as you can see in this picture:


Inside they have some lovely alnico type bass drivers and closed back tweeters One of the drivers has the date 1972 on it, which feels about right. I replaced the speaker leads and they are now working very well – quite sensitive too.

Condition-wise they aren’t great, but they look nice to my eyes:

russian speaker 

Thanks to Andy from Cadbury Heath!

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