Feckless fools, piffling lives

There’re hundreds of complete cnuts meandering the pavements on my journey to work. These feckless fools bother me with their piffling lives, swinging their arms about like they’re trying to land a plane, or stopping dead, right in front of me with no warning and for no apparent reason. They are always wearing huge backpacks or gesticulating like a mime. Other equally twatty gangs of gormless ghouls walk five abreast expecting me to stumble out into the road just so they can continue their moronic shared opinion massaging without me getting in the way… ‘oh, like I really like movies’ ‘yeh, wow that is so weird, I really like movies too’ ‘oh wow yeh, like the way the whole story thing unfolds in a visual aural kind of thing way’ ‘yeh, like that’s it isn’t it, yeh, movies’ ‘spooky how we are sooooo alike’ ‘I know, right?’. No it’s not you morons, that’s like saying you like fun.

Aerial view taken this morning of my walk to work

Aerial view taken this morning of my walk to work

Anyway, I don’t move for them so eventually they realise they’ll have to take a break (shouldn’t be hard as they’ve probably managed to take at least one year-long break recently) from their self-centred clowncloud and get out of my way. Have a nice day.

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