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I think I shake too many hands (a poem about piss)

I think I shake too many hands
A conclusion drawn in quiet contemplation
Upon the china throne at work where men walk in unblinking
Decant and leave, unthinking
I think I shake too many hands.



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My Prayer

I don’t believe in God, but you sure as shit have to believe in something so it seems like yourself is a good place to start. Anyhoo, with that in mind, I rewrote the Lord’s Prayer…

My Prayer

And in text form…

Me, who art on Earth
My name is handy to narrow down who you’re talking about
My ‘kingdom’ is already here
What I do on Earth
Probably matters a bit
I’ll buy my own bread, or make some
Friends forgive my trespasses (thanks!)
And I try to forgive those who trespass against me
I think it’s OK to indulge in a bit of temptation
But I try not to be a total shit
This blue and green ball belongs to everything that lives
Power and glory isn’t real
Most of us get about 70 years, the good ones a bit less

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These are the boxes I use to move

At first sealed, shiny, perfect, full of promise
Persuaded from their shelf through fair exchange; a drive home
Taped up seams at first resisting, now broken, treasure revealed
Contentment through contents new, superseding all that came before

And so the box, now folded, finds a new home for months or years
In time it is awakened, unfolded, resealed, filled, marked
The marks remain and the box reused through many, many moves
So it is now that I find these boxes, corners damaged, scribbles faded

The writing of a once loved-one’s child, now unknown to me, yet about me
The love of a child is easy though it has no aim, a driverless train
The quiet, unthinking legacy of the broken family has or pays no mind
As we ride a carriage on the line between fate and blame

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Japanese to English found poetry

This wonderful Japanese to English Google translation just makes me want to know more about the author of the blog I was on – it’s created a sort of beautiful found poetry – my favourite line is…

‘It is a thing that I would like to ask the people of girls that strange linen system’

Here’s the ‘poem’ in full:

‘Reputation of polite in his life (laughs), why is not a photo of squarely,
I wonder if there is only a photograph you shoot only the face,
on the right side of the face down acceleration.

Unlikely to do so even when I say so as he with a smile to invariably,
photos and whether your simply hate.

It is a thing that I would like to ask the people of girls that strange linen system,
reason is what you can imagine, not to hear Apart to,
what a thing called rudeness as much as hear.

But I’d like to hear. While grinning. In,
I seem to feel happy if you can answer while grinning.
I’m bad character ‘s me.’

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